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Mission Statement:
To Provide courteous, accurate and efficient processing of human resource services for the benefit of Civil Servants.

To build a Courteous, Efficient and Accessible Public Service

What is the Establishment Department?

The Establishment Department is the Human Resource department of the Civil Service. The Department is under the direction and control of the Minister of Labour, Public Administration and Empowerment, while the Chief Establishment Officer (CEO), the Department's Head manages it.

Responsibilities falling under the purview of this Department include but are limited to:-

1) The management of Civil Service Personnel in accordance with the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda, the Civil Service Act and Regulations, and the Pension Act (including the other regulatory instruments).

2) Implementation of the Public Service Commission's decisions relating to all personnel matters concerning Civil Servants.

3) Maintaining Industrial relationships with the various Civil Service Associations.

4) Overseeing the staff of the Public Service Board of appeal, Police Service Commission and the Public Service Commission.

5) General oversight of the Public Sector Transformation Unit (TOPS).

The Department has a staff compliment of forty (40) persons.

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Food for Thought
Human resource is the only resource that appreciates with time; All other resources depreciate with time.

Work Ethics/Attitude
Keep improving-New Ideas and Improvements keep work interesting.