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The Human Resource Planning and Management Unit (HRPMU) of the Establishment Department, has begun the initiative of networking the Establishment Department where four (4) sections are already networked thus far.

The Human Resource Planning and Management Unit recently accomplished a new and improved Database for better collation and analysis of information.

The Job application form has been redesigned, making it more practical and clearer as to what are the requirements of applicants.

Various accounting forms and procedures are now formulated electronically to allow for time efficiency and easing the process of manual computation.

The Human Resource Planning and Management Unit audit team produced the Government of Antigua and Barbuda Human Resource Audit Report on the Public Service of Antigua and Barbuda. This was presented to the Honourable Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leando, Minister of Labour, Public Administration and Empowerment in October, 2007. The unit is currently working on the Attendance Record Report on the Public Service of Antigua and Barbuda commencing January, 2007 and the Customer Service Charter. It will be generating and analyzing reports from the Civil Service database in order to identify key issues affecting the Civil Service and to provide advice and solutions as to the way forward.

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