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How is an academic school year calculated?
1. An academic school year is calculated as follows:-

UWI/CUC/Regional Institution: 01st September to 31st May
USA/UK/International Institution: 01st September to 31st July
(Unless otherwise stipulated)

What is the maximum number of years an officer can be on study/duty leave?
2. The maximum number of years granted for study/duty leave at a given time is three (3) years in the first instance. Additionally, extension of leave can be requested to complete one's course of study. However, academic achievements plus official documentation relating to the course of study should be attached.

What is the difference between study/duty leave?
3. Study leave is granted to officers who have completed a minimum of four (4) years of unbroken service from the date of their first appointment.

Duty leave is granted to mature officers who have completed a minimum of ten (10) years of unbroken service from the date of their first appointment.

Are all applications for duty/study leave approved by the Public Service?
Commission (PSC)?

4. All applications for duty/study leave are considered by the Public Service Commission. However, only those areas of study which are of a priority to the Service will be approved.

How is study leave calculated?
5. An officer on study leave will receive his/her salary as follows: Six months full pay
Twelve months half pay
Remainder of study leave without pay (Subject to the execution of a bond)

How is duty leave calculated?
6. An officer on duty leave will receive his/her full salary while studying (subject to the execution of a bond).

How long is an officer bonded to the government of Antigua and Barbuda after he or she has completed his/her studies?
7. An officer is bonded for a period of three (3) years after he/she has completed his/her studies.

What steps should an officer take after he or she has been granted study/duty leave?
8. Officers who are granted study/duty leave will be required to submit the names, addresses, occupations including place of work and contact number of two persons who are gainfully employed who will serve as their sureties.

  • Steps in Executing Bond
  • Officer must first collect the bond from the Ministry of Legal Affairs then
  • Take the bond to the Inland Revenue Department and pay the fee payable
  • Applicant should return the bond to the Ministry of Legal Affairs with receipt of payment. Bond is signed by the officer and his/her sureties.
  • Bond will then be dispatched to the Registrar's Division for further processing (then it becomes a legal document).
  • Bonds will then be dispatched to the Establishment Department who will in turn distribute same to the respective Ministries.

Is there a deadline for the receipt of applications for study/duty leave?
9. Yes. The deadline for receipt of applications for study/duty leave is April 30th of each year.

Is there a difference in the time granted to pursue an Associate, Bachelor, Masters or Phd. degree?
10. Yes. Two (2) years is granted to pursue an Associates degree (full-time); while three (3) years is allotted for both a Bachelor degree and two (2) years for a Masters degree (full-time respectively); and finally two (2) to three (3) years is allowed for PhD. degrees (full time), unless otherwise stipulated.

Can I be granted study/duty leave while pursing correspondence/distance learning courses?
11. Yes. An officer can be granted a maximum of six (6) months study leave with or without pay for the duration of the course. However, the educational institution must be accredited.

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