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The Establishment Department works at the heart of Government fulfilling a key role in supporting those that works within it to continuously improve the public service. Our core purpose is to "Build a Courteous, Efficient and Accessible Public Service.

The key challenges for the Establishment Department include:

  • Help in building individual and organisational ability to deliver improved public services;
  • implementation of improved performance and reward arrangements for the Civil Service;
  • a comprehensive review of Public Service pension policy and provisions;
  • Development of meaningful performance indicators which demonstrate the delivery of business objectives;
  • further refinement and introduction of equal opportunities policy and practice for Government as an employer.
  • the creation of a comprehensive computerised databank on officers in the Civil Service and in keeping with the government's policy to fully computerize its operations within the Public Service.

In order to improve the Human resource data on all government employees; the department has reviewed the job application for employment form P/1 (C.S.R. 7). In an effort to improve the data storing capacity at the Establishment Department, the Department introduced an annual employee data return form P/1 (G.O. 16).

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Food for Thought
Human resource is the only resource that appreciates with time; All other resources depreciate with time.

Work Ethics/Attitude
Keep improving-New Ideas and Improvements keep work interesting.