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The Administration

The Chief Establishment Officer/Permanent Secretary is in charge of the Establishment Department.

His or her immediate supervisor is the Honourable Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, Minister of Labour, Public Administration and Empowerment/Chairman of the Public Service Commission.

His /her main functions are as follows:

  • The management of Civil Servants in accordance with the Civil Service Act and Regulations.
  • Implementation of Public Service Commission decisions in relation to all personnel matters relating to Civil Servants.
  • General administrative oversight of the Establishment Department.
  • Industrial Inter-relationships with Civil Service Associations.
  • Oversight of the Public Service Board of Appeal, Public Service Commission, the Police Service Commission and the Public Sector Transformation Unit Staff.
  • Maintenance of Personnel Records of Civil Servants.
  • Maintaining accurate statistical data on personnel within the Civil Service.
  • Vetting recruits on behalf of the Public Service Commission.
  • Deployment of all acting and substituting appointments.
  • Processing authorization of all acting and substituting appointments.
  • Processing authorization of emoluments.
  • Computation of retiring benefits. Support for Public Sector Transformation Unit (TOPS).
  • Oversight of all personnel research and materials within the Establishment Department.
  • Negotiating with Civil Service Associations.
  • Maintaining Civil Service regulations in accordance with policy changes.

The Deputy Chief Establishment Officer within the Establishment Department is responsible for:

  • Advising Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Departments/Divisions and other Officers on matters pertaining to regulations and procedures governing Civil Servants.
  • Collaborates with the Chief Establishment Officer and prepares submissions to the Public Service Commission regarding confirmation of appointments, acting appointments, promotions and transfers of Civil Service Personnel. He/she signs vouchers relating to acting Allowances and Travel Subsistence.

The Establishment Officer is responsible for:

  • Industrial Relations activities. He/she deals with agreements and negotiations with various Unions and Updates the Classification of Civil Service positions.
  • Keeps the Civil Service Regulations up-to-date and advises the Chief Establishment Officer regarding the Orders to be issued by the Minister in accordance with the Act.
  • Ensures that the appropriate association of Civil Servants satisfies the conditions for negotiations and advises the Chief Establishment Officer accordingly.
  • Monitors the implementation of agreements entered into with the various Civil Service Unions.

Human Resource Management & Planning Unit is responsible for:

  • Managing and maintaining a number of databases for Established and Non-Established Officers, Contract Workers, Job Descriptions, Attendance Records and a Human Resource Audit database.
  • Responsible for collecting, collating and compiling data for Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS).
  • Troubleshooting computer related problems as required within the department.
  • Responsible for training of staff in areas relating to computer systems and management of information systems as it relates to programs.
  • Responsible for the creation and distribution of quarterly newsletters throughout the Civil Service.

The unit carries out general research of information for use by the department, the general service, the public; overseas organizations and identifies trends in the Public Service.

Registry is responsible for:

  • Receiving records and ensuring that all correspondence received in the department, is filed and sent to action officers in a timely manner.
  • Ensures that indicated files are recorded and brought up for action as requested.
  • Prepares files for the Minister's attention.
  • Liaises with the typist supervisor.

Dispatch Unit Logs and Dispatches all outgoing mails

Typing Pool Unit is responsible for:

  • Typing and dispatching Public Service Commission's submissions.
  • Typing of documents drafted by all officers in the various departmental units and submits to pool.
  • Prepares and monitors roster for daily movement of files.

Accounts Section:

  • Processes all documents pertaining to retirement of established Civil Servants/Police Officers and marriage gratuities.
  • Processes substitute/acting vouchers for payment from the Established Vote.
  • Processes requests for overseas trips on Government business/recruitment and repatriation of established contract officers and Leave Passage Grants.
  • Processes Local Purchase Orders.
  • Prepares the annual Estimates for the Establishment Department.

General Service Operations is responsible for:

  • Disseminating the Public Service Commission's decisions, references and appointments in the service.
  • Maintains roster of Petty Officers and Junior Clerks.
  • Interviews applicants for positions as Petty Officers Class III and make submissions to Public Service Commission in respect of same.
  • In charge of supplies/Gazette Notices. Responsible for placement of substitute Clerical Assistants, Junior Clerks and Petty Officer III's as requested by Ministries.

Personnel Section carries out:

  • Submissions to the Public Service Commission and decisions received with reference to teachers.
  • Identify trends in the Public Service and maintains the staff list of teachers.

Industrial Relations Section is responsible for:

  • Industrial Relations activities, agreements and negotiations with various unions.
  • Update the classification of Civil Service positions and keeps the Civil Service Regulations up-to-date.
  • Monitors the implementation of agreements entered into with the various Civil Service Unions.
  • Advises the CEO on orders to be issued by the Minister in accordance with the Act and ensures that the appropriate association of Civil Servants satisfies the conditions for negotiation and advises the Chief Establishment Officer accordingly.

Public Service Board of Appeal:
Deals with Public Service Board of Appeal Matters. The officer performs any clerical duties and function as Secretary for the appeal board.

Public Service Commission (PSC):

Mission Statement:

To ensure that the Commission receives all relevant documentation to enable them to make the necessary decision for the benefit of the officers and the Service as a whole.


To be a service-oriented Commission, to effectively convey the Decisions of the Public Service Commission in accordance with the Civil Service Regulations in an orderly, timely, effective and efficient manner.

What is the Public Service Commission?

The Public Service Commission is a "creature of the Constitution" of Antigua and Barbuda's Constitution order 1981 which states" There shall be a Public Service Commission for Antigua and Barbuda which shall consists of a chairman and not less than two (2) or more than six (6) other members who shall be appointed by the Governor General, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister.

The Public Service Commission is established under Section 82 of the Constitution of Antigua which came into force on 27th February, 1967. It exercises its functions in accordance with the said constitution, the Public Service Commission regulations in S.R. & O No. 13 of 1967 and the Premier's Directions of the Public Service Commission as provided by S.R. & O. No. 12 of 1967, the Antigua General Order 1956, and the Pensions Acts, Chapters 200-214 inclusive of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda (Revised Edition 1962).

In fact the Public Service Commission is an autonomous organization and an important institution of governance in Antigua and Barbuda. It exercises functions generally considered to be of management, namely: to appoint, promote, transfer, exercise disciplinary control, thus enabling

The Secretary of the Public Service Commissions is the supervisor of the Commission.

His/Her immediate supervisor is the Chief Establishment Officer, Establishment Department/Chairman of the Public Service Commission.

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